Are TDP Leaders Too Confident? Or Too Over-Confident!

Chandrababu Naidu Advice To TDP MLA's

Chandrababu Naidu Advice To TDP MLA’s

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In politics, we often come across politicians who boast about their party like no other on this earth. When these politicians end up on the losing side, they blame immoral voting, and EVMs tampering as the reason. Lately, the same has been the case with TDP leaders. What’s shocking is that, despite the fact that TDP is losing its strength in Andhra Pradesh, the TDP leaders are busy in making outrageous claims.

TDP MLA Buddha Venakanna is no stranger in making wild claims. In his latest claims, he stated that ‘whomever Chandrababu Naidu supports in 2019 General Elections, they would become the Prime Minister’. These claims might be pretty pleasant to the TDP cadre, but definitely not to political analysts, who note every statement made by every politician.

Currently, many people believe that Chandrababu Naidu’s fight for SCS is purely for political gain, rather than anything else. Being a Chief Minister of a state, how did Chandrababu, and his bureaucrats did not go through the 14th Finance Commission report? How can they blindly go on the statements promised by someone like Modi, Amit Shah or Arun Jaitley?

These questions have gone answered, just like many others. If TDP leaders don’t restrict themselves from making outrageous claims, analysts believe that those will do harm than anything else.

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