Sunday, September 26, 2021
HomelatestJagan Pacing Against Pawan In SGS For AP:

Jagan Pacing Against Pawan In SGS For AP:

Jagan Pacing Against Pawan In SGS For AP

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The Opposition leader YS Jagan has finally revealed crucial details of his fight against the Centre to achieve Special Category Status. He took his Twitter to unveil his action plan.

Its been just one day since the indications from Janasena camp that their Supreme Pawan Kalyan may go for indefinite fasting to achieve Special Status. Without having any official confirmation from Janasena media wing, the YSRCP readied its plan to stay ahead of Janasena to win people’s trust. YS Jagan earlier on his official Twitter account declared that his party is going to start its fight for SCS very soon.

Jagan claimed that his MPs will resign in the very next moment, the Parliament is going to get adjourned without any reason. Not stopping there, he along with his resigned MPs are going to start Indefinite Strike to death until the Centre announces SGS. Also, the YSRCP Head asked TDP MPs and MLAs to resign and support his strike to have maximum impact at Anand Bhavan, New Delhi. Jagan gave a protest call to the Youth of AP to have relay hunger strikes in all the important towns and cities all over the State of Andhra.

Jagan declared that only SCS will save AP from the present scenario because SCS if granted will give surplus funds to develop the State and will provide many job opportunities to the unemployed. Many wonders if Jagan will implement his strategy against the Centre which he is rumored to be in good looks to get into possible alliance. Let us wait and see for now.

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