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Mega Fans Want Chiru To Repeat Sachin’s Good Deeds:

Mega Fans Want Chiru To Repeat Sachin

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The megastar Chiranjeevi has officially ended his Political term as a Member of Parliament recently. Thus his hardcore fans who are still supporting him in Political arena wants him to repeat Sachin.

Even though Sachin has no connection with Chiru, both of these are celebrities who went to the Upper House as MPs. It is obvious that fans of celebrities expect their favorites to do something good being in the position of MPs. Along with Chiru, Sachin too ended his position of MP and bid farewell to the House. Sachin had been ridiculed for skipping sessions and having poor attendance to the discussions on India’s development. But Sachin shut the mouths of all his critics by granting funds of almost 30 crores to 185 projects in rural areas for development. Even though he skips Sessions, he granted a fund of a total 16 crores every now and then to his adopted two villages and also sacrificed his monthly salary cum allowances. Thus Sachin ended his term in a royal way thereby slamming his crit.

Now fans of Megastar Chiru too expect their Matinee Idol to do service to the poor. Chiru fetched unwanted criticism in Politics. Unfortunately, he failed to establish himself as a powerful MP as well. As he is retired now, he should make his mark to do some service to the Nation of India. Being an MP, he has his MPLADS and he can well utilize them to the needy. Hope he does something like Sachin to answer his rivals and end his career in quite a regal way. He should consider the fact that critics only see what he does as an MP despite his services via Blood Bank and Eye Bank.

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