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Teja To Make NTR Biopic In Two Parts?

NTR Biopic To Release In Two Parts

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The talented maker Teja got the golden chance of portraying the legendary life history of Telugu demi God NTR on silver screen. Latest update reveals that he has changed his plans regarding this mighty project.Nandamuri Balayya along with his good friend Sai Korrapati proposed the biopic of NTR to showcase a stunning and inspiring story of NTR. After a lot of research, Balayya opted for director Teja who came back with a political drama Nene Raju Nene Mantri. Known for his stubbornness,

Teja asked Balayya not to interfere in his script work and the latter, known for his dedication did the same. But Teja’s speech on the launching day of this flick hinted that he wants to make this movie in six parts. Some took his speech on a lighter tone but latest information from Nandamuri camp reveal that Balayya had a long discussion with Teja regarding this issue. After some basic enquiry, it came to know that not six but Teja wants to make this movie in two parts. Teja explained that one cannot include every great thing done by NTR in just one Cinema so he wants to make it in two parts with much-needed twists and turns. Balayya who is keen on portraying only NTR’s ‘Good Phase’ ordered Teja to go for one flick but not two.

However, Teja is still trying to make Balayya agree with him but an official confirmation is awaited from the makers.For now, the regular shoot has begun and the movie will be finished in very short time to release it on the aspicious day. The first look and teaser release dates for this movie will be revealed soon.

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