Ram Gopal Varma Shared His Mother Photo On Facebook

Ram Gopal Varma Shared Photo

Ram Gopal Varma Shared Photo

Director Ramgopal Varma never speaks about personal matters. Varma divorced with his wife and his daughter Revathi he does not talk about those. No one knows about Varma parents. a few years ago, Varma’s mother gave a brief interview to a channel. RamGopal Varma family details never came out. Varma is very active in social media. he never posts personal stuff on Twitter or Facebook. The first time Ram Gopal Varma shared photo of his mother on Facebook.

Varma uses social media for express his views on movies and contemporary conditions. Suddenly Varma posts his mother Suryama’s photo posted on Facebook. In this photo, that baby boy is Ram Gopal Varma and his mother. Vamara give the caption for this photo ‘ That beautiful women is my mother and besides of her is my looks like Joker’. Netizens comments for that Varma post. Some say Thanks for giving a great director.

Posted September 14, 2017 at 16:57