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new heroine in Akhi Hello

New heroine in Akhi Hello

Akkineni prince Akhil is ready with his next movie Hello. The movie shoot almost came to an end. Actress Kalyani Priyadarshini is finalized as the main female lead of the film. the movie is up under Vikram K Kumar’s direction with a huge budget. As per the news, The movie needs another actress to justify the story. Hence, the crew introduces new heroine in Akhi Hello movie. They introduce Nivedhitha Satish as another actress for the film.

With the flop of Akhil’s first movie Akhil, he is taking utmost care for this movie. Hence everyone expect the movie to be a hit. With this news of Akhil sharing the screen with two heroines, has raised expectations much more. We can understand how the movie be like with the success of Vikram K Kumar’s orevious film 24. This will definitely be one of the best films of Akhil. It is yet to see how the movie is to entertain audience.

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