Story Behind Akhil Hello Title

Story Behind Akhil Hello Title

Story Behind Akhil Hello Title

Along with Akkineni fans even the industry people are eagerly waiting to watch Akil’s second movie. As the first movie ‘Akhil’ is a flop, everyone expects this movie to be a success. Even Akhil is trying to get a star image with this movie. There is a huge discussion and confusion to decide on his second movie after listening to many scripts. Finally he finalizes his movie with Vikram K Kumar. After starting on with the movie shoot, there are many chages with the story says the sources. Finally, they finalizes the title as ‘Hello’. Fans are initially dissapointed with title, But Nagarjuna gives The story behind Akhil Hello title.

In the recent interview of Nagarjuna on the occation of his birthday, he even spoke about Akhil’s Hello movie. He says they thought of giving a catchy title for the film and finally decides on Hello. he says, in the film hero tries to make heroine say hello and failes several times. Finally, when she is in love with the hero then she says Hello. Hence the crew finds the title completely justifies the movie. Even fans are now getting used to the Title. Nagarjuna says he will reveal the further information soon.

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