Police Case Against Sunny Leone

police case against Sunny Leone

Police Case Against Sunny Leone

Who doesn’t know Sunny Leone. She is a universal figure who is known by majority. recently seeing her craze in Tamil Nadu in a event even politician shocks seeing the crowd. She is doing a list of films and is getting more popular with her skin show in Bollywood. When Sunny is a porn star none bothers. Furthermore, here recently netizens police case against Sunny Leone is being the latest hot topic.

It is known about Sunny adopting a baby girl and nameing her Nisha Kaur Viber. The couple are taking utmost care for the kid. She has posted her pictures along with the baby saying the kid her baby. With these pictures, netizens go against Sunny, saying she is posting the pictures and making the world know about the class and colour of the baby. Hence, This will distract the privacy of the kid and damages her identity says netizens. Sunny fans go against the case saying this isn’t fare to file a case against sunny when she is actually helping a kid.

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