Sunny child Rejected 11 times

Sunny Leone adopts Nisha

Sunny Leone adopts Nisha

Former porn star Sunny Leone has settled in India few months ago. Sunny is quite busy with a list of films and within no time she became a star in Bollywood. She stays in Mumbai along with her husband Daniel Weber. Sunny and Daniel Weber recently adopted 22-month-old girl child named Nisha from lautar in Maharashtra. While everybody are appreciating Sunny Leone adopts Nisha, a famous news channel recently reveals a story about Nisha.

11 prospective parents rejects the adopted girl child of sunny from an orphanage in Maharashtra.  Even before sunny adoptes because of the only reason the girl child is black in colour. This has been revealed by the orphanage CEO itself .She finally went home with Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber. “Without looking at colour, background and health status, Sunny Leone happily took the child in adoption. This shows how sunny is good at heart.

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