Fan comments On Balayya Behaviour

Bala Krishna slapping assistant

Fan Comments On Bala Krishna Behaviour Towards his Assistant

Bala Krishna slapping assistant

Balayya is being in the highlight since few days. Bala Krishna slapping assistant during the shoot of his 102th movie is going viral in social media. This isn’t first time for Balayya to act rude. Though previously many where aggresive upon balayya’s behaviour he didn’t change even a bit. With this latest video evn his fans are going against him.

Recently balayya fan posted on social media regarding the issue requesting for some decency. He furthermore posts, saying they aren’t kings to show their authority and aren’t VIP. He says no one is depending on them for their living rather they are depending on audience for their existence. This person asks Balayya atleast to change his behaviour now and be good to others. It is yet to see if Balayya changes his behaviouratleast now.

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