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Balakrishna Beats His Assistant – Viral Video

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Balakrishna Beats His Assistant – Viral Video

Nandamuri Balakrishna has always been in a dispute. His videos in the social media are becoming viral threatening his fans, personal assistants, and the film unit members. Recently Balakrishna started his 102nd film shoot in Ramoji Film City. In front of all Balakrishna manhandled his persnal assistant. Someone posted the video in Facebook which became viral now.

Balakrishna is highly criticized saying Balayya onceagain beat a person. Recently, one of the fans tried to take a photo was thrown aside. In the same time another person came for a selfie with Balayya, he was also kept aside by taking his phone. Balakrishna is been highly criticized in social media with his harsh nature with fans. The persons who were colse to Balayya says that he will be the same way with his personal as

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