Shalini Pandey hospitalized

Shalini Pandey hospitalized

Shalini Pandey hospitalized

Tollywood actress Shalini Pandey is now into the list of top actresses. She got a huge stardom with her debut film. The only reason for getting such craze is Arjun Reddy movie. On the other hand, She is currently the most wanted heroine of Tollywood. She is getting many offers and also receiving many invitations for shopping mall openings. Shalini Pandey hospitalized is the latest news.

Recently she went to Nellore for some shopping mall opening. Many people gather around for seeing Shalini Pandey. When everything is fine, Shalini Pandey suddenly broke on to the floor. She fainted all of a sudden. Hence, showroom manager joined her in Hospital. While, She got hospitalized and got treatment for her illness. Dostors gave clarity about Shalini Pandey’s health saying she is completely alright.

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