Does Shalini Gets More Offers

Shalini gets more offers

Does Shalini gets more offers

Once if any heroine gets a huge success with a film, the entire industry turns up to her with huge offers and different kinds of roles. Recently the actress Sai pallavi took away the hearts of the audience with her performance in Fidaa after which she got a lot many offers. Some directors are even ready to pay her 1crore of remuneration. Now another actress is also to this lift, who is none other than Arjun Reddy fame Shalini pandey. It is to see if Shalini gets more offers.

We all know how successul Arjun Reddy is in recent times and the youth is so much in love with this film and the actress too. As Shalini pandey’s glamour and performance also adds up to the film success, the actress is receiving huge offers in Tollywood. Most of all she’s even ready to do kiss scenes in the film. But Shalini didn’t sign any another movie till date. The Tollywood buzz is, Sandeep may also cast this actress in his upcoming film with sharvanand. Let’s all wait and see what would be Shalini’s second film.

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