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Shalini Pandey receives offers
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Shalini Pandey receives offers

With utmost passion to become an actress Shalini Pandey left the house and strive so hard for her career into films. In a recent interview she reveale all her deeds before making her debut for Arjun Reddy. She says, she share a room with two guys while she’s away from her home town. Now this girl had got all the luck on her way. She got a chance for Arjun Reddy, while her performance in the film isn’t so appreciable. Rather, the kiss scenes had changed all the fate of her’s now. Shalini Pandey receives offers now in Tollywood.

Shalini Pandey gets an important role in mahanati biopic film. She also gets the opportunity to act in the remake of 100% love in Tamil which is directed by sukumar’s assistant chandramouli. Though Firstly they thought Lavanya Tripathi for the role, due to some reasons now Shalini Pandey came on to the track for this film.

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