Ungarala Rambabu movie Story

Ungarala Rambabu story

Ungarala Rambabu story

Hero Sunil is waiting since so long for a hit in his career. Many people suggest about Sunil’s career as hero saying he should better go back to comedy rather than wasting his time doing the films as a hero. Even though Sunil didn’t step back, he’s trying so hard to get a break in his career. Ungarala Rambabu is going to release in theatres within two days. This film is under Kranthi Madhav direction who have a track record of directing good films. Onamalu , Malli Malli Idi Dani roju are the intense films which depicts the director’s talent in film making.

So people have a expectation on ungarala Rambabu film that it may have a nice story line. After watching the trailer one can guess the Ungarala Rambabu story line which says Rambabu is a person who leads his life with all the luck. But once his luck turn out to bring worst situations in his life. To come out of these situations ram Babu should marry a girl who will born in a particular zodiac sign. Then Rambabu starts searching who would be his luck charm. Rambabu finally thinks to marry a girl who works in his office. This girl will have different mindset, so Rambabu tries to impress her. Finally both start loving eachother but the suspense is how they both get married despite of some circumstances is the story. So let’s and wait watch ungarala Rambabu.

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