That’s why he Named it as Social Smugglers

That's why he Named it as Social Smugglers

That’s why he Named it as Social Smugglers

Social critic Kanche Ilayya is not going back despite his criticisms. He defended the title of his book as Samajika Smugglers Arya Vyashyas for his book. He said that Arya Vyashyas are misusing their democracy. He claimed that there was no freedom to Dalits and BCs in the community as the freedom of rya Vyshyas. Aiyyaiah criticized that revolutions made by lower caste people are not concerned where as higher caste people are only concerned. We have to fight for freedom of speech.

Ilayya says that Ambedkar has given me the right to acknowledge the idea in the form of a book and also he respects Gandhi and Nehru. Ilayaiah has a reason to write a title for his book. Ilayya justified about his book title by saying Vysyas would buy the products from people with low price and seels them with high prices so that the book was titled Social Smugglers.

Posted September 12, 2017 at 19:25 

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