Pawan Kalyan Reaches 2 Millions Twitter Followers

Pawan Kalyan Twitter followers

Pawan Kalyan Twitter followers

‘Pawan Kalyan’ this name is sensation is not specifically mentioned. His fan followers are irrespective of hits and flops. Thos make him self-motivated for a new political party. Pawan, who has played an active role in the Chiranjeevi Praja Rajayam party. After the party mobilization into Congress, he has been away from politics. IN 2014 elections, he supported the BJP and TDP parties. Later, he put Jansana party. Since he expressed his thoughts and views in politics on Twitter. Pawan Kalyan Twitter followers

Many of the celebrities have the Twitter account. But no one else has ever used twitter like Pawan Kalyan used. In fact, he expresses his feelings through twitter it self. And Twitter is the platform to JanaSana party. In Twitter has a new record in the name of Pawan Kalyan. Pawan Twitter follower has reached two million. He starts his twitters account in August 2014.

Posted September 13, 2017 at 12:59