Saturday, September 25, 2021
HomelatestLimb Children's Playing In A Park Video

Limb Children’s Playing In A Park Video

Handicapped Kids

Nowadays video of Handicapped kids is viral. The two kids are playing in a park. People think whats new in this. But on this one kid is normal but another kid is physically handicapped. One kid is happily moving up and down on the slider but one girl is struggling to get on step by step. And the girl has finally achieved it. A voice of encouragement in the back ground of the video. After each and every time of sliding the girl is laughing. This video filled many people a hope of encouragement. People and are sharing the video mostly. Tech leader Mahindra executive chairman Anada Mahindra has got very emotional by watching this video. He said this is a very great video and inspires the people that no job is tough in this world.

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