Ballaladeva Praises Bahubhali

Rana praises Prabhas

Rana praises Prabhas

We all know how huge hit Rajamouli’s Bahubhali movie is. All the characters in the film gave their best for the movie. Especially the two main leads Prabhas and Rana. In a recent interview, Rana praises Prabhas for his best personality as a human being.

He says during the shoot of Bahubhali he became very close to Prabhas. He furthermore, says, Prabhas doesn’t have any goals but rather he loves and give his best to every film he finalizes. His sincerity can be known through his act of signing Bahubhali giving his dates for more than 5years. This shows how much he dedicates himself for his movies.

Rana also says Prabhas is the one who always keeps supprting everyone in he sets. He mention everyone calling darling especially Rajamouli. He motivates everyone constantly remaindingof the movie they are doing. Prabhas says Bahubhali is  a international film and motivates everyone. For the film Bahubhali, Prabhas is the main pillar says Rana.

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