Rana, Rakul, Sirish, Pranitha, Regina And Others As Teachers…


Generally, most of the people think that celebrities do a thing for money. But, sometimes they do better than some people, not for money, for satisfaction. Maybe today they get that satisfaction by teaching children in schools. Yes, they are now teachers. Come to the point, recently, an organization “Teach For Change” has adopted 200 government schools in the region of Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts. So, the volunteers in the organization go to those schools weekly once to teach English communication skills.

rana, rakul, sirish, pranitha, regina and others as teachers...


However, the film celebrities such as Rana, Rakul Preet Singh, Pranitha, Allu Sirish, and Regina Cassandra joined in this organization as volunteers. So, they too go to that schools and teach the lessons weekly once. Now, this organization is going big with these celebrities’ joining.


There are 600 volunteers in this organization up to now. Moreover, we know that an organization is only for servicing the people. So, they don’t pay to the volunteers. Means, our hero, and heroines also not receive any amount for it. Really, it is an inspirational thing. We can also participate in this as like as our stars.


Strangely, there are 600 volunteers in the organization but we only talk about those 5 members. Sometimes it is not a big thing to see for some people. But, we know only know that 5 members among 600 members. That’s why we are talking about them. That’s all… Moreover, a common work appears as a big one in case of celebrities and is news for us. Because we are curious, to know the things about celebrities. More than, we love and respect them.



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