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Ravi Babu #Adhugo – Why You Don’t Make Movies With Big Heroes?


Ravi Babu is a creative director in Telugu film industry. He thinks new concepts and collects different references for his work. His previous movies all are very different. Now, he is coming with Adhugo movie and it is the piglet based movie. Means, a piglet is playing a pivotal role in this movie. Actually, he started this movie two years back, and now it is ready to jump into theatres. Finally, the movie is releasing on November 7th. So, in the recent interview, he has told many things about the movie. Although, the interviewer asked the question that why you don’t make movies with big heroes?

"Adhugo" Ravi Babu Brings Piglet

For this, he answered, “Not like that. I don’t prepare the story in the sense of a hero. I explore for a good idea and I select the suitable actors. If I feel to make a film with big stars, then I’ll consult them. I love acting and in this two years of the Adhugo making, I didn’t accept any acting offer. Now, this movie is completed, so I decided to act in case of good roles.”

Adhugo Trailer Launch

He said, “Cinema should run in an exciting way. Some people like emotional films, some like scary films. But, the majority of the audiences enjoy the film with a laugh. So, feel to make films for that majority audiences. I do films for myself and as per my wish. So, its not possible to say you all that come to watch my film. On the sets, I’m an actor, director, writer, and cashier. Those all works are common to me, so I didn’t feel them as trouble. I came from the publicity department, and boys stick the 10 posters on the wall. While going by the car or by bike, the new poster captivates the our attentions. Thus, with those thoughts, I design posters. In the time of Demonitization, I stood in the line of ATM with Bunty (the piglet). Publicity is must and should for the movies.”

The movie is releasing on November 7th. The posters, teaser, trailer, and songs all are attracting the audiences and making them move towards the theatres. Nabha Natasha is playing the lead role in this movie, and she got acclaims for the movie Nannu Dochukunduvate movie. And, actor Rajendra Prasad gave the voice for the Bunty (piglet). Suresh Babu is producing this film under Suresh Productions banner.

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