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Ravi Teja confirms once again!

Ravi Teja confirms once again!

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After taking a two-year-long gap, Ravi Teja proved his mettle at the box office with the successful run of ‘Raja the Great’. The hero is currently focusing on completion of ‘Touch Chesi Chudu’ film under the direction of Vikram Siri. It was also rumored that shooting of the film stalled for a brief time after the hero and director had some disputes. It looks like both of them have put the disputes aside and are working on the film. The producers recently confirmed that the film is slated to release for 2018 Sankranti festival.

It is still unclear whether the disputes between the hero and director are true or false. The film’s production unit has once again confirmed that the film is slated to release on 13th of January 2018, on the eve of Sankranti festival. The film would be contesting for the top spot alongside Balakrishna’s ‘Jayasimha’ and Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Agnathavasi’.

This film marks the debut of Vikram Siri as the director, who previously worked as a scriptwriter for a couple of films. Rashi Khanna and Sirath Kapoor are starring opposite Ravi Teja in the film. The production unit has expressed that, ‘This film will surely impress every movie-goer. It will come out as a hit despite the severe competition for Sankranti’. 

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