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Rakul Preet Singh too was harassed!

Rakul Preet Singh too was harassed!

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Post her ‘Khakee’ success, where she paired opposite Karthi, Rakul Preet Singh is now facing trouble from a small time film director.

Sources close to the actor, say that the actress is being stalked by the director and is under some kind of distress.

It is shocking to know the man who is stalking her, had earlier directed her and was also a reason for her reaching this kind of stardom. But the fact remains, the actress rose to fame with his film, and the director is still struggling to settle down. He has been requesting her to work in his film which is a heroine-oriented and asking for her dates.

Rakul raising to some fame has some credibility under her name is avoiding him. Sources say, either she is feeling that the script is not up to a standard or unimpressive or her dates are fully occupied. This may be the reason for her turning down the offer. But the director is insisting on her taking the movie and bugging her.

It is understood that the actress has lost all her patience and has given a stern warning to the stalker to stay away from her or she will file a legal complaint against him.

Only time will expose more facts in the issue and how much blame can be thrown on the director as well.

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