Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Jio Free Wi-Fi For Colleges

Reliance Jio to provide Free Wi-Fi to College Students

Reliance Jio to provide Free Wi-Fi to College Students: With free voice call he shocked everyone and later with free phone gave high voltage shock. And now free Wi-Fi for 3 and half crore college students means… The government is mind blowing. Not only his business rivals not even politicians are not understanding what Reliance Industries MD/Chairman Mukesh Ambani is doing…?

BJP, Congress parties are getting tense that Mukesh Ambani will enter into politics. Mukesh had got famous with Jio and youth is gaga on him. And no one can reach his limits if the Jio phone comes into the market. In this scenario, free Wi-Fi for college students is creating reverberation.

Even the PM Modi couldn’t able to get the digital India as Mukesh may get. Mukesh declaration about the cable TV channels can be operated with the small phone cable gave the happiness to the many villages. The people are happy for not to wait for any cable operator to solve the cable problems. Mukesh will become God if the TV can operate with phone cable comes.

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