Revanth Assures Tenant Farmers: ‘We Stand with You


Revanth Assures Tenant Farmers: ‘We Stand with You:

TPCC chief A. Revanth Reddy criticized the government on Wednesday, accusing it of neglecting tenant farmers and assuring them of support should the Congress come to power at the state level.

He expressed his concern about tenant farmers being denied crop loans, input subsidies, compensation for crop loss, and Rythu Bandhu benefits, leading to significant hardships and mental stress among them. Political Leader noted that there are 22 lakh tenant farmers working on 40% of the land, yet the government appears to disregard their plight.

Highlighting a disturbing statistic, he pointed out that 80% of those who take their own lives are tenant farmers. Chief Minister KCR’s statement in the Assembly, where he refused to classify them as farmers, was also criticized by the leader.

Revanth lamented the absence of a coherent plan and government indifference, which has negatively impacted agriculture and crop diversity in the state. He referred to the Farmer’s Declaration, launched in the presence of Rahul Gandhi, as an initiative to address this issue.

Regarding concrete support, Revanth pledged to provide Rs 15,000 per acre as input assistance and Rs 12,000 to farm laborers. He assured that a Congress-led government would ensure better prices for crops and compensation in the event of crop losses due to natural disasters, promising unwavering support during such challenging times.

revanth assures tenant farmers: 'we stand with you
Revanth Assures Tenant Farmers: ‘We Stand with You

Revanth highlighted Congress’s historical support for farmers, citing initiatives such as the free power scheme, legislation to empower tenant farmers, subsidized loans, crop insurance, minimum support prices (MSP), and other seed and input subsidies.

He conveyed the commitment of the entire Congress party, from grassroots workers to leadership, to implement the Warangal Declaration fully. In conclusion, Revanth urged tenant farmers not to lose hope and to stand alongside the Congress.

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