IT Raids Heavily Surrounded, Revanth Reddy

IT Raids Heavily Surrounded, Revanth Reddy

In what may be called as an unexpected twist in Telangana Politics, the Congress MLA Revanth Reddy has been troubled by the Income Tax raids prior to the snap polls. As the Mahakumati is planning its way to dethrone KCR by its strategies and campaigns, the Income Tax Department sent jitters to this firebrand leader with its raids. IT Department started its investigation by raiding the house of Revanth Reddy while the latter was touring a constituency in Telangana. The moment he reached the house after the campaign, it came to know that this ex TDP loyalist got grilled by the IT officials about unaccounted money.


IT has found out that as much as 9 crores were transferred to Revanth’s account from Kaula Lumpur and Dubai via Hawala in 2014 before the general elections. They declared that the IT paid by Revanth is just 12 lakhs which have no link with the heavy earnings through Hawala. Finally, the Officials handed over the notices under IT section 54 and 55 personally to this TPCC working chairman as he was allegedly involved in Foreign Exchange Management Act and Money Laundering crimes respectively. It is heavily speculated among the Telangana Political circles that this Congress leader is going to get arrested any moment in the upcoming days.


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