Chintamaneni Counter Challenges Pawan Kalyan

Chintamaneni Counter Challenges Pawan Kalyan

The controversial TDP leader of Denduluru, Chintamaneni Prabhakar finally responded to the Janasenani’s allegations. Countering the young leader, Chintamaneni came up with an open challenge regarding all his issues.It is a known thing that Pawan Kalyan humiliated this accused rowdy MLA the other day. Listing all his atrocities, Pawan asked the TDP National head CBN to condemn this MLA as he is a big threat to the constitution. After a day, MLA Prabhakar for the first time arranged a big press meet in his life to counter Pawan. In his speech, he lost his cool and made some remarks on Pawan Kalyan’s earlier Politics and his brother Chiranjeevi’s sincerity.

TDP MLA Chintamaneni Prabhakar

After his hit backs, Chintamaneni came to senses and openly challenged Pawan Kalyan to form a three men committee and dig a probe in all his cases. MLA declared that he would leave Politics if he was proven any case among all the accused cases.Finishing his challenge, Chintamaneni tried his best to defend himself by asking Pawan Kalyan to come up with facts and perfect information before making such baseless allegations. According to this TDP MLA, Pawan degraded himself to a low-level leader from being a state leader by this kind of acts. One has to wait and see how Pawan reacts to Chintamaneni’s open challenge.


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