Revanth Wants To Talk With Chandrababu


Revanth Reddy wants to talk with CM Chandrababu Naidu

Revanth Reddy wants to talk with CM Chandrababu Naidu: Party Working President Revanth Reddy, who participated in the TDP’s Polit Bureau and Central Committee meeting in NTR Trust Bhavan, got another shock for him. Revanth got many questions from TDP leader Arvind Kumar Goud and Mottupally in this meeting. They questioned him that what is there to need Congress leaders and who gave the permission for him to make the alliance with Congress without Cheif permission…?

And also party leaders questioned Revanth about the comments he made on the party Andhra leader Paritala, Yanamala family. But Revanth kept silent even though he got many questions from many leaders. Revanth told that he will answer to the CM Chandrababu. After the return of CM Chandrababu, who is currently on foreign tour, so Revanth will CM Chandrababu and will talk.

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