Jagan: A Guest Role In Vijayawada Party Office


YS Jagan is not staying in Vijayawada Party Office

YS Jagan is not staying in Vijayawada Party Office: The YCP was criticized for not forming the party office in Andhra Pradesh after the state separation. Jagan is not caring about this from a long time. But party leaders, we’ll wishers mainly strategists Prashant Kishore forced Jagan. So finally they formed a temporary party office in Vijayawada. But Jagan didn’t attend to this office inauguration. The party seniors did the inauguration. But Jagan later came to the party office for the BC meeting. So the YCP leaders thought that Jagan will be available at Vijayawada office from now on.

There is no definite answer from the leaders that where will be Jagan available after BC meeting. That means even they don’t that when Jagan will come to that party office. Jagan is mostly being Hyderabad rather than the new temporary party office. Besides, Jagan doesn’t like to be in Vijayawada. Though the reason behind this is a mystery. Jagan will be a guest role to the Vijayawada party office.

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