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God, Sex and Truth: Re-release – RGV Asks Everyone To Watch

RGV Asks Everyone To Watch ‘GST ‘Film

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Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma gained nationwide attention with his latest film, ‘God, Sex, and Truth’. The film stars pornstar Mia Malkova and is directed by Ram Gopal Varma himself. According to RGV, he has shown the beauty of a woman, in this case, Mia Malkova, in an aesthetical and sensual manner. The director believes that the film can bring a change in how one perceives a woman and aims to abolish the gender hypocrisy.

God, Sex, and Truth released yesterday morning at 9:00 am on a special website, exclusively meant for streaming the video. The viewers had to Pay Rs. 150 to watch the movie. With lakhs of viewers storming at the site, it resulted in the site crashing down.

Apologizing for the same, Ram Gopal Varma said, the unprecedented response meant that, the site was down. He also confirmed the site’s capacity to handle a large number of users is underway, and the site should be up and running normally by 9:00 am today morning. The maverick director also pledged everyone to watch the film, to enjoy the beauty of Mia Malkova, and the music composed by MM Kreem (Keeravani).

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