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Hero Nani Car Accident Update

Actor Nani Car Injured Accident In Jubilee Hills

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By God’s grace ‘Natural’ star was lucky to escape with minor injuries. Hero Nani car accident took place at Road NO.45 Jubilee Hills. The accident reportedly took place at wee hours on Friday morning. The actor was heading home towards Gachibowli after finishing a shoot for his upcoming film Krishnarjuna Yuddham. Hero Nani car accident took place after the driver lost the control of the car. At the time of Nani car accident, no one except the driver and the hero was present.

Nani Injured in Road Accident,

Nani suffered minor injuries in the mishap and immediately rushed to a hospital. During the accident, the car barged on to the divider, taking down an electric pole. Thanks to the advanced safety features like Airbags, hero Nani, and driver Srinivas escaped from what could have been a serious accident.

The police confirmed that driver, Srinivas was not under influence of alcohol, after conducting the Breath Analyser test. During the preliminary investigation, drowsiness is known to be the cause of the accident. The car was towed away by the towing vehicle, clearing up the traffic.Meanwhile, hero Nani was injured on his lip, with bruises and wounds. Nani tweeted that he is all safe, and will be back to work within a week or so.

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