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RGV Biopic on Gurmeet Baba

RGV Biopic on Gurmeet Baba

The controversy director Ram Gopal Varma is well known for his controversial comments on any issue. Moreover, Varma, who has been featured in the media in recent times with comments in all the world’s burning topics, has been stuck on the Dera Baba issue.

Dera Baba, who created sensation throughout the country, has been sentenced to jail for 20 years. Dera Baba alias Gurmeet Baba, who is treated as gods in the north from the past two decades creates a sensation. However, Gurmeet baba was prisoned now due to the case filed by women. Moreover, His hopes on the empire that is strong in North as well as South were smashed. Varma will never be silent without any reaction for these type of burning issues.

Varma revealed that he plans for a movie about Gurmeet Baba. Dera baba is great in doing fraud by making the people fools. As everyone thinks he will make a film on Gurmeet Baba. He went to the Dera Baba Ashram and learned more about him, spoke to his disciples and would do the script. Moreover, if necessary he will meet Dera baba also in the jail. Finally,  Let’s see how the controversial director will direct the movie with the story and make issues sensational.

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