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HomelatestNandyala Caste Based Elections

Nandyala Caste Based Elections

Nandyala Caste Based Elections

YCP has the main strength with Reddys from the beginning of the party establishment time. Though Jagan is a Christian he is Reddy in caste. Reddys and Christians are the main reason for the YCP strength. Jagan gave an announcement that he got a shocking defeat in Nandyala elections. None of the category people followed him. Jagan media is busy with making the issue strong with the specified reasons. Since Bhuma family also belongs to Reddys all the people from Reddy category got votes to him. And YCP made a condition not to criticize Jagan and issued permission for Reddys votes to Bhumas family. YCP sources force everyone to believe it as truth. Moreover, they don’t have the answer to the question that Shila Mohan Reddy also belongs to Reddy category?

YCP is ignoring the fact that they got defeated and confusing the cadder by making caste politics by disappointment. Jagan launched the party in 2012 till now he is not able to strengthen the party. The party activity is not happening regularly without daily monitorization. Party activists are requesting Jagan to give regular time tables for party meetings like Chandra Babu Naidu.

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