Rs. 25 crores For Varun Tej?


Rs. 25 crores For Varun Tej New Movie

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A budget of Rs. 25 crores for Varun Tej movie is allocated. This will be the first science fiction flick, of its kind in Tollywood. The movie is written and directed by Sankalp, who previously made ‘The Ghazi Attack with Daggubati Rana last year.

 ‘The Ghazi Attack’ is a story of India – Pakistan war film written and directed by Sankalp Reddy. Astonishingly, the war film was made on a sleek budget of Rs. 15 crores, thanks to the extensive and detailed pre-production work by the director. Moreover, the film went on to rake Rs. 35.53 crores at the box-office, making it a commercially successful film.

In fact, a science fiction film by even Indian standards could eventually cost a minimum of Rs. 50 crores. However, Sankalp’s perfect pre-production plan came to the rescue. Therefore, the film is likely to be made on Rs. 25 crores, which brought producers on board pretty quickly. The production team and the director are confident that, just like ‘The Ghazi Attack’, even the sci-fi movie with Varun Tej will rake huge collections at the box office.

Varun Tej is currently busy with the promotions of his upcoming movie, Toliprema, slated to release on February 9th, 2018. We have to wait and see whether Rs. 25 crores for Varun Tej sci-fi flick are really worth or not!

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