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Comedian Venu Madhav in Police Station

canComedian Venu Madhav in Police Station

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Telugu actor Venu Madhav is famous for his comic timing, and unique dialogue delivery. Comedian Venu Madhav came to Jammikunta police station today morning. Surprisingly, the actor came to thank CI Prashanth Reddy and his staff. Speaking to the media, Venu Madhav appreciated the efforts taken by CI Prashanth Reddy of Jammikunta Police Station, in promoting patriotism.

‘Through media, I came to know that CI Prashanth Reddy’s efforts in instilling patriotism among his staff in the police station. Moreover, his concept of singing the national anthem is an inspiration not only in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh but to everyone in the nation. Similarly, this should be put in practice in every government office nationwide. I heartfully thank CI Prashanth Reddy for his efforts. There is no personal agenda for my visit. It is nice to see someone like him in our society. I have come along with my wife, my children, and even my dog’.

Nevertheless, it is glad to see someone being appreciated for their sincere efforts in building patriotism around the people. There is every need for raise of patriotism among our fellow citizens.  Maybe, we can see some leaders emerging from the general public. Let us hope, we can see more people like CI Prashanth’s in our daily lives.

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