Thursday, May 19, 2022
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RX100 Gives Jeep Also…

A film can turn the lives of actors, directors, and producers also. It may give chances, fame or fans, but this movie gives additionally Jeep. Yes, we are talking about RX100 movie and its director. RX100 brought profits to the producer, chances to director, heroine, and fame to hero. Now, it gives Jeep to its director Ajay Bhupathi.

RX100 brought profits to the producer

As come to the matter, the producer of RX100, Ashok Reddy Gummakonda has presented a Jeep to Ajay recently. Actually, in the film industry, heroes and producers present gifts to their directors. As well as, now it is Ajay’s time to take them.


Although, in past, directors Trivikram, Sukumar, Puri Jagannath and some other also got gifts from their heroes and producers. As like that, Producer Allu Aravind also present a gift to Maruthi for such an amazing film ‘Bhale Bhale Magadivoy’. It is the life and CINEMA is just a part, but it is LIFE for so many film aspirants.

No one knows, when the luck knocks the door in the form film chance. The former assistant director of Ram Gopal Varma, now RX100 director Ajay utilized it, and bring life to his producer, hero, and heroine. So, a chance is a great gift and skill and dedication are tools to make it big.

director Ajay Bhupathi

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