Rana Daggubati – ‘C/O Kancharapalem’

rana next movie C/O Kancharapalem

Who knows when a person likes something. Here, the person is Rana Daggubati and something is C/O Kancharapalem movie. C/O Kancharapalem movie is a clean love story and it is selected for New York Indian Film Festival. And, it is the first Telugu film selected for this prestigious honor. C/O Kancaharapalem movie director is G.R.Venkatesh Maha, it is his debut film as director. A New York Cardiologist Paruchuri Praveena presents this film and Sweekar Agasthi composed music for this film. Sweekar is a playback singer and he sang for Chalo, Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavad, and other few films.

The inspiration for the movie:

A meeting or incident can make a person to effect in any way. Now, Venkatesh Maha also affected by a village’s story and these people. He mentally connected with Kancharapalem village which is nearby Visakhapatanam. He stayed there in his friend’s house unexpectedly and he used to listen to the stories of his friend’s father. In that process, he heard the love story of that father. Don’t know what he has felt at that, he wrote the story in the background of C/O Kancahrapalem with a love theme. For his film, he returned to the same village after some months and reconnected with those people. Finally, Praveena Paruchuri produced it and it came out.

Next step of the movie:

Laterally, Rana Daggubati watched this film and came forward to present this film. Really, it is a good one that Rana Daggubati once again proved himself by selecting this film to present on their banner Suresh Productions.


This movie releases on 7th September. In the wake this movie promotions, recently they have release motion poster and he tweeted about this film with excellent lines.


Although, some movies are a person’s creative thoughts and imaginations. But, some are experiences and real-life incidents of a person. This C/O Kancharapalem also like this. But, one thing is, some movies make with experiences and some movies make the experiences for the audience. Then, that will be a great film.


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