Tuesday, May 11, 2021
HomelatestShoker: PM Modi’s Words Removed From Parliament Records

Shoker: PM Modi’s Words Removed From Parliament Records

The Indian Prime Minister made his entry into the Indian Parliament’s dirty book record. In what may called as a sensational piece of news for today, let us have a brief look at Modi’s comments in the Parliament.Going into the details, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one among the few leaders of India who entered many record books. Be it the only PM who visited many countries in very short time or winning Parliament with huge majority for the first time, there were many records named after him. However, this PM today made it sure that he gets a place in dirty records as well by his act.

 Rajya Sabha Vice Chairman electionsModi discussed the happened Rajya Sabha Vice Chairman elections and ridiculed the Opponent member with his name. He termed the Congress candidate BK Hariprasad with his initials BK in a bad sense. In Hindi, BK or Bikay refers to a man who gets sold out. Person like Modi in such stature shouldn’t say such words and it was immediately objected by the Opposition Congress. When the RJD MP Manoy requested the Speaker to remove such words from the Parliamentary records, the latter just did it.This is the first time, an Indian Prime Minister’s words are expelled from the record books. This news has become a hot topic across the nation in a span of a couple of hours.


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