Naga Shaurya @15 Crores

Naga Shaurya @15 Crores

A mother love towards son is always pure and a lot. We can see in Naga Shaurya’s family. His family established a film banner, Ira creations. On this banner, they made Naga Shaurya’s Chalo movie which brought double profits to them. Now, they produced another film of Naga Shaurya i.e. Narthanasala. Its video song has released a week ago and got a huge response by crossing 7 million more views. Recently, the team has released the teaser of film and it crossed 7 million views in the span of 3 days. Means, it makes an impression on the audiences.


Come to the mother love, this movie budget is nearly 15 crores. For their previous movie, they have spent nearly 6 crores but it is doubled for it. It shows their faith in the story and their son. But, is it faith or love..? According to Shaurya’s market, it is the somewhat big amount. His latest movies, Kanam and Ammamma Gari Illu have flopped. Kanam got critics reviews but these credits majorly go to Sai Pallavi. At the same time, the response to Nartanasala movie teaser and video songs are build expectations on film.


Whatever, if a family stands behind a person, he is the luckiest one. Now, Naga Shaurya is on that line. Recently, in the film event, he emotionally said, “A young son in the house should work for his family but my mother and father work for me. I’m the luckiest for having them as my parents.” Money is matter but love is fair.



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