Intelligence Behind “NTR”


NTR, Nandamuri Taraka Ramarao, there is no film lover without knowing him. The Indian great actor, Telugu states’ Anna Gaaru, Trendsetter of Andhra politics, the Great human being and admiring by Telugu people, NTR. We know that his life history is coming to a film and Balakrishna is playing his role. Although, Vidya Balan is playing his wife Basava Tarakamma role. As well as a big cast is contributing for this film with various characters.

Actually, NTR life is full of movies and some years of political background. But, before his death, so many bad incidents had taken place at that time. His CM position losing, Lakshmi Parvathi, and cheatings on him, that episodes are controversy issues. If the movie came with those elements, new problems will be raised. Or, without those elements movie will not be fulfilled. Then, what is the alternative for this…?


Here is Krish for solving it in a brilliant way. Director Krish to avoid this all type of issues plans to make the film up to his great political wave. For this, he makes Vidya Balan narrates this story. Means, Basava Tarakamma narrates the story NTR. By this, there is no need to show the episodes after Basava Tarakamma death. It is really an intelligent move to make it clear without any issues. As per sources, Krish has told about this to Balakrishna and Balayya has also accepted it.


Although, every life has up and downs, appreciations and blaming, positives and negatives, and relations and issues. Without those elements, no life exists. If it exists that means, the person did not live more time. So, Biography will be genuine but sometimes according to the situations could make in a comfortable zone. The brain is the only weapon to avoid any obstacle.



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