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HomelatestSai Kumar shocking comments on Pawan Kalyan!

Sai Kumar shocking comments on Pawan Kalyan!

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Hero, character artist and dubbing artist Sai Kumar made sensational comments on Pawan Kalyan. Talking in his election campaigning in Bagepalli constituency Sai Kumar said that even Pawan Kalyan cannot stop his victory in Bagepalli.

‘I heard that Pawan Kalyan is coming down to Bagepalli, and other constituencies in Karnataka, extending his support to independent candidates. Even if he comes and campaigns against me, he cannot stop my victory in Bagepalli’, said Sai Kumar.

It should be noted that there a lot of Telugu people settled in the Bagepalli constituency. Given BJP’s approach towards the AP state, many political analysts feel that BJP might lose in Bagepalli. But Sai Kumar’s claims are quite in contrast to this.

He expressed that, as a BJP candidate he will win with a very good majority, and it is the Telugu people who would be playing a key role in his victory. Sai Kumar also expressed confidence that BJP will form the government in Karnataka, without any hung.

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