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Salman Khan charges Rs 78 crores for one show!

Salman Khan charges Rs 78 crores for one show!

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Bollywood superstar Salman Khan is the most sought hero. Be it his frankness, or witty statements, the Bollywood superstar has taken the ‘Bigg Boss’ reality show next level. The reality show has so far completed 11 seasons and is successfully preparing for its 12th season. It would definitely take some time before the 12 season is underway.

In the meanwhile, the Channel is planning another reality show with the celebrity as its host. Salman Khan starting his hosting career with the reality show ‘Dus Ka Dum’ almost a decade ago. The respective TV Channel is preparing to come up with the 3rd season of the same show.

To host the show, the TV Channel is reportedly paying Salman Khan Rs 78 crores. What’s shocking is, the 3rd season will only comprise 20 episodes, each 1-hour long. This means that Salman Khan is effectively being paid Rs 3.9 cores for hosting a 1-hour show.        

Salman Khan is yet to react to these reports. The Bollywood superstar dismissed reports his participating in Bigg Boss even in the past. Currently, Salman Khan is busy shooting for Race 3.

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