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Ileana’s derogatory comments on Southern Film Industry

Ileana’s derogatory comments on Southern Film Industry

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Once star heroine of South Ileana has been still struggling to pave a strong path for herself in Bollywood. She has made some unpleasant comments on Southern regional Film Industries and its mindsets.

This Goan beauty is known for her navel and its this special feature in her, she achieved huge fame and recognition in big industries like Telugu and Tamil. However, she lost her charm for her issues with Southern Industry and left South for Bollywood to have a career there. Except for Barfi, nothing worked out and she is still trying to make her mark with hot photoshoots and sensational comments. In a recent interview with a National daily, she declared that the entire Southern Industry has not yet come out of the past. She backed her comments by stating one of her uneasy experience in Tollywood. Ileana claims that in her debut flick Devdas, the director dropped a seashell on her navel for which she never understood the purpose. She was told that it enhances the beauty of her navel more by the director. So Ileana feels that both, the Industries of South and audience of it still see actresses as a tool of beauty but nothing else.

These comments of her are irking some Southern movie lovers. She might be forgetting the fact that its Tollywood which gave her a star status. Comments like these only narrow down her chances more in South.

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