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Samanthakamani Movie Telugu Bullet Review

Samanthakamani Movie Telugu Bullet Review

Banner: Bhavya creations
Actors: Aadi, Nara Rohith, Sudheer Babu, Sandeep Kishan etc..
Producer: V.Anand
Direction: Sri Ram Adithya
Screen Play: Venky
Music Director: Mani Sharma
Editor: Praveen Pudi
Cinematography: Sameer Reddy

The biggest multi starer credit goes to Samanthakamani in recent days with four heroes. Bale Manchi roju fame Sriram Adithya directs the film in bhavya creations banner increased the audience expectations. Not only the audience, the Telugu industry is expecting the new trend emerged from Samanthakamani movie. let’s have a look whether samanthakamani movie reached up to the expectations or not.

Samanthakamani Story:

The story line of ‘Samanthakamani’ is small where the story revolves around the 4 hero’s stealing a car. The twist will be in the investigation of who rob the car. This is the story but the movie is based on the story stretch. A 5 crores valuable car thievery will happen in Hitex. To investigate this case inspector Ranjith(Nara Rohit) will enter into the scene.Since the suspension will be on Aadi, Sandeep Kishan, Sudheer Babu, Rajendra Prasad. There will be many twists and turns to find this mystery. Moreover, The audience will get surprised with the final twist. To find the thief of 5 crores valuable car you should see the movie ‘Samanthakamani’.


‘Samanthakamani’ title, 4 hero’s, director Sri Ram Aditya, Bhavya Creations… All these aspects created an interest to the audience. Moreover, The director creative skills were shown in the story which revolves around the criminal investigation with twist and turns. And the 4 hero’s with Natakiriti Rajendra Prasad did a splendid job for the movie. Every scene is nice but if we see in full length there will be something missing. Finally, something in the story stretch is missing.

Plus Points:
four heros
Rajendra Prasad acting

Minus Points: Routine story

Telugu Bullet Punch Line: Samanthakamani shines less
Telugu Bullet Rating: 2.75/5

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