Big Boss: Sampoornesh Babu 50 Lakhs Compensate


Sampoornesh Babu Compensate 50 lakhs to NTR Big Boss Show

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Sampoornesh Babu Compensate 50 lakhs to NTR Big Boss Show: Sampoornesh Babu is in big trouble for sudden exit from the ‘Big Boss’ show. Sampoornesh Babu signed an agreement to the Star MAA for coming to the show. That in any situations he will not leave the house before elimination, if in case he came out without eliminating then they can take legal actions on him. But he made the suicide attempt and came out of the show by exceeding the agreement. So, now Star MAA management is very angry.

The management is splitting fire because of his actions as it’s the first season of ‘Big Boss’ that too in the second week of the show. So they are expecting to be harsh by taking legal actions. As no one in future performs these type of acts like Sampoornesh Babu. So they are thinking to fine him for 50 lakhs. Previously, 3 participants exit from the Hindi ‘Big Boss’ show got 50 lakhs fine. So the film industry is expecting that even Sampoornesh Babu will this amount. But Sampoornesh Babu financial status can’t support his to pay the big amount. So now Sampoornesh Babu is in big trouble.

hidden story behind Sampu leaves the Big boss


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