hidden story behind Sampu leaves Big boss

Sampu leaves Big boss

hidden story behind Sampu leaves Big boss

Everyone are trying hard to be in the Big Boss house while Sampu is fighting against Big Boss to leave the house. AsSampoornesh fought against Big Boss finally Big Boss accepts him to leave the house. This is the known story. The hidden story behind Sampu leaves Big boss is here. Latest reports reveals that, Sampoornesh Babu has threaten killing himself and to hurt himself with a knife. hence  he blackmails tough Big Boss accepted him to leave the house.

Usually, As per the Big Boss rules, participants has to stay in the house no reason what. Hence, Sampu left the ouse in the middle of the show, he doesn’t receve any payment from the Big Boss team. There are chances for him to face the legal trouble also. It would be nice if Sampu continues with the show. Him leaving the show, might decrease the audience interest upon the show. It is yet to see what action Big Boss takes against this issue.

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