Bandla Ganesh criticism turns to praises

Bandla Ganesh responds to drugs case

Bandla Ganesh responds to drugs case

Drug Racket case is the hot topic in the industry. Many stars involved in the issue is an interesting audience to know more about the case. Everyone targets Puri Jagannadh at the first place. Media is trying to find much about Puri and his involvement in the issue. While cine stars went against Puri at the beginning, on the other hand, now they are giving their support to Puri. Director Bandla Ganesh responds to drugs case supporting Puri Jagannadh.

Previously Producer Bandla Ganesh in an interview speaking to media says, he is feeling bad about working with a director who takes drugs all day and drinks all night. He furthermore says he is pissed off with his behavior. Hence, at that moment everyone suspects Puri Jagannadh to be the director whom Bandla Ganesh is speaking about. But shockingly, Bandla Ganesh has again made statements about Puri Jagannadh. He says Puri is really a nice person and he doesn’t have any habits like drugs. These statements of Bandla Ganesh seems hilarious to everyone.

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