Sasikala Learning Computer Science And Kannada Language In Jail!


Sasikala Learning Computer Science And Kannada Language In Jail!

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She is the queen of ‘Mannargudi Mafia’. After the death of Jayalalitha, she wanted to be the CM of Tamil Nadu. She ensured everything fell in its place, right from her party MLAs, to the people of Tamil Nadu. It was obligatory that everyone had to bow down their head, and touch her feet, just like they did in the case of late Jayalalitha. Then CM, Panneer Selvam was also not spared from this ritual. Such was the supremacy, and control Sasikala Natarajan had on Tamil Nadu and Tamil politics.

Everything flipped upside down with the judgment from the Supreme Court. After the apex court sentenced her to jail for 4 years, things took a drastic turn. Palanai Swamy, who became the CM with Sasikala support, showed his back. He joined hands with Panneer Selvam and is running the current government in TN.

Back in the jail, Sasikala is just like any other convict in the jail. Though she enjoyed few privileges initially, she is stripped off from them. Currently, the ‘Mannargudi Mafia’ queen has enrolled herself in a computer course and Kannada language course. The jail authorities are teaching how to read and write Kannada to prisoners. It is a part of government’s ‘literacy programs’ initiative. Post that, the prisoners will also be awarded certificates of successful completion of the program.

This is the reason Lord Krishna said, ‘Do your duty, without expecting results’. Sasikala expected more than what she could really deserve. And finally, she deserved what she had too.

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