Prabhas – Anushka Relation Exposed!


Anushka In Sahoo Movie Sets With Prabas

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After Rajamouli announced his mega project Baahubali, the Telugu audience took note of two important things; about the film, and about the lead pair. Since then, rumor mills sprouted from every corner of Tollywood, filling tabloids and e-papers with Anushka and Prabhas gossips. Post the release of Baahubali, the gossips only got stronger, and healthier. Anushka-Prabhas cozy behavior at Baahubali audio launch function and other promotional events gave enough feed for these rumor mills.

Once, Baahubali was completed, Anushka and Prabhas got busy on their respective projects. Even recently, both these star actors have confirmed that there is ‘nothing’ apart from the friendship between them. But the recent incidents don’t seem so. Prabhas, who is mostly inactive on Facebook, showered praised on Anushka. The actress was hailed for her performance in Bhaagamathie.

And now, the ‘Sahoo’ team had special guest last night. Anushka surprised everyone on ‘Sahoo’ sets in Hyderabad. The actress got into a ‘selfie mode’ and posted a pic of her, along with Sahoo team. The photo went viral; the moment it was shared on Twitter.

The sudden appearance of Anushka in Sahoo movie sets not only shocked everyone there but every fan who is waiting to see a ‘Prabhas – Anushka’ wedding. Rumours also surfaced that Anushka will be sporting a cameo role in Prabhas ‘Sahoo’ movie.

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