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Heroine Loots Rs. 41 lakhs From An NRI

Heroine Shruthi Patel Loots Rs. 41 lakhs From An NRI

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The mushroom growth of instant messaging apps and social networking sites has made the lives of people very easy. At the same time, conning people too became easy. Many people began stealing others by imposing themselves as film celebrities. This trend has been increasing at an alarming pace in recent times. Shockingly, an upcoming heroine is caught cheating Germany-based NRI, G Balamurugan.

The upcoming actress is identified as 21-year-old Shruti, whose debut film ‘Aadi Pona Aavani’ is yet to release. The police arrested the actress, her mother, her brother and a man who posed as her father for cheating G Balamurugan. The NRI originally belongs to Salem (Tamil Nadu) and is working in an automobile company in Germany. The actress introduced herself with the pseudo name, Mythili Venkatesh.

G Balamurugan transferred a sum of Rs. 41 lakhs to Shruti Patel’s account, after the actress told him her mother was undergoing treatment for a heart ailment, and she was undergoing treatment for a brain tumour. The money has been transferred between May 2017 and Jan 01, 2018 in instalments. G Balamurugan who shared the pictures of the actress, with friends and the family, came to know he was conned after they informed him that, she robbed several others.

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